Eric Nussbaum, MD, brain aneurysm neurosurgeon
Eric Nussbaum, MD, brain aneurysm neurosurgeon

Our highly specialized care represents the hallmark of our practice. Treating a large number of patients allows us to contribute to the education and training of others—and to advance the field of neurosurgery through ongoing research efforts.

We have developed new devices including aneurysm clips and brain catheters for which we hold US patents, and we have developed new surgical techniques that have been presented and published at national neurosurgical meetings and in the medical literature.

We often tell patients that if we don’t have a good option to treat their problem, we will try to come up with something when nothing else is available!

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Clinical articles and resources

Vascular Malformations of the Brain
By Eric S. Nussbaum, MD
Minnesota Medicine
Published in May 2013